Artists Jamie Ghio Sanches and Mike Braunewell of the Gibraltar-based company Sworddesign transform electric guitars into one-of-a-kind custom art pieces that still function as playable musical instruments.

"The process starts with evaluating the design idea, as the instrument above all has to be playable by the musician. During this the pair decides who does what, Jamie is in charge of any carving and the electronic setup of the instrument, while Mike oversees the final paint job execution, including airbrushing – both take part in the 3D sculpting if it is needed."

The duo also modify motorcycles, cars, helmets, and even phones. They’re up for just about any challenge:

"Anything goes and your imagination is the only limit to the possibilities to stand out from the crowd and make a personal statement. From "Wild" to "Mild" we will try and make your dreams come true."

Visit the Sworddesign website to check out lots more of their fantastically altered instruments, vehicles and objects.

[via designboom]